In business critical areas

We not only confidentialy advise MNCs but also investment funds,foundations and governments on potential investments, responsible economics and the quiet resolution of complex investment issues. Over years, our expertise has been recognized as one of the best on the market. 

In Europe and in Asia

We opened our first office in London more than 10 years ago. Since then, we have expanded in Europe, Asia, notably Hong Kong and Mainland China. Our teams are muticultural, experienced and used to operate seamlessly in different geographies. We are quickly operational anywhere in Europe or in Asia.

Across industries

We lead projects is a broad spectrum of the industry including energy, FMCG, retail, technologies and financial institutions. We act as an enabler and as an architect for your most ambitious development projects. We can assist you from negotiations to due diligences.

We deliver our promises

We advise our customers on growth acceleration, for example :

  • Focus through partnerships on fast moving market segment

  • Leverage main street domestic brand name overseas

  • Develop responsible economics

We do not compromise on our objectives, but keep flexible on maneuvering around difficult obstacles. We are never shy to make tough decisions - with you.

Cutting edge research on advanced topics:

  • M&A

  • Corporate responsibility

  • Financial economics

We not only provide hints that we follow best practices but we prove it through our repeated efforts to foster education in game changing topics and contribute to fuel debates on complex issues such as environment economics. Check our research samples on:

We take pride to keep our promises even in the most challenging situations.This means that we are totally commited to the success of our mission with a consistant vision to achieve long term results:

  • An M&A deal is a long term investment

  • Our commitment is beyond our fees

  • Challenges sharpen our acumen 

We have a culture of confidentiality and we protect your business information with the highest ethical standards.

Maverlinn incubated and sponsored Netspring, a leading social enterprise in China dedicated to provide IT education in less favored areas and recycle toxic IT waste. Netspring culture is based on:

  • Integrity

  • Social vision 

  • Persistance

In complement to Netspring, Maverlinn has developed other initiatives in green energy production in remote areas and corporate training on responsible leadership.

London             +44 207 193 90 36

Shanghai          +86 21 6141 8625 

Hong Kong        +852 819 11 879 

We specialize in complex corporate issues and responsible leadership